Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Really Strange.

Hi fellow Bloggers. Im just posting this to let you know that Google Adsense have disabled my account today and no reason was given. Its really strange as I have definately not done anything wrong. I really enjoyed this blogging thing and to earn some cash along with it sounded great. This is the first time that I have done anything like this on the internet and I have really enjoyed communicating with all you guys. I am an honest person now made to feel dishonest and no explanation is forthcoming from Adsense. When you think of the amount of work that we put into Blogging and look at what we get paid it is really not a lot of money. It is very low indeed and for someone to take it from you is really mean.  Myself I am quite fortunate that I have no real shortage of money so in a money sense it does not really matter to me but what does matter to me is honour and integrity. I am truly disheartened by this experience and in the future I will make sure of what and who I am dealing with. All the best to you guys for the future. Its been a pleasure communicating with you all.  Dave.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


This is a love story from the 1960s. It all started when two Australian men came to live in London. One day they went to Harrods store in Knghtsbridge and bought a male Lion Cub and called him Christian. They brought this little cub to their home and from this point on their lives changed dramatically. A strong bond developed between the Lion and the two men and they became inseparable. The Lion was part of their family now and went everywhere with them. As time went by the Lion was growing up and would soon become too large for them to handle so they had to make a decision on what would be the best for Christian. They decided that instead of putting him into a Zoo they would try to get him into an African environment. This they done and Christian was put into the wild to fend for himself. The lion after many battles with wild Lions eventually established himself and even met a female and started a family. This you would think would be the end of the matter but not so. The two Aussies after I think a year had gone past thought that it would be an idea to try and find out how Christian was getting on. They were informed that it was not really a good idea to try and contact the Lion as he would be completely wild and dangerous by now and that there was no possiblity of him remembering them. But they went ahead anyway and searched for their friend Christian. Eventually they found out where he was and that he was the leader of a pride of Lions. In the videos below you see this reunion of  friends and understand that great love can transcend different species in such a profound way.  I tried to get better quallity videos but to no avail.
Hope you enjoy them as I did.



Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Is Astral Travelling possible?.  To project your conciousness while you are sleeping to anywhere you wish to go. Anywhere on earth or to even "Trip the Light Fantastic" all the way to the far end of the "Milky Way". I'm a believer of anything is possible so that makes the word impossible a bit improbable.
Do you think that if Human Beings can survive this planet that it is possible for us to evolve to such a level of existence that we will have left our physical bodies behind and actually have become an energy of intelligence. You never know.  If we realise that as sentient beings  we are constantly evolving to higher levels then the Universe could become our oyster.
When you think of it our brain is only working at 10% of its potential  (thats what the scientists calculate) so whats happening to the other 90%. Is it just sitting there in between our shoulders patiently waiting for this evolving thing to take place. Who's not to say that when we sleep a small part of this 90% starts to become active and to perhaps, just perhaps allows us to Astral Travel amongst other things. Lots of people say that they can Astral Travel and who can dispute that they are not telling the truth.  Iv'e tried the ole Astral travel thing myself but I didn't get my consciousness beyond the bed sheets. Iv'e known some folks who said that they could Astral Travel and when they spoke of their experiences they were very believable. The thing is one of these people was a  friend and had no reason to make this up. So what am I to think. Just because I haven't experienced this sort of thing doesn't  mean that its an impossiblity, that would be very negative of me. I think that its important to keep an open mind about all things in life. So what do you think, is Astral Travel possible or not.  If it is possible then I would love to travel with a bit of Trance music for the journey.



Sunday, 5 June 2011

American Gold

I read an interesting article on about the amount of gold the Federal Reserve has claim to. I have heard claims that they have no gold to back up the American dollar and are printing money for fun. Apparently this is no claim and has been confirmed in an exchange between Federal Reserve lawyer Scott Alvarez and committee chairman Dr. Ron Paul. An exert from the article explains:

"After 1934, Alvarez explains that the Fed handed its gold over to the Treasury in exchange for gold certificates. When pressed further, Alvarez noted that the gold certificates do not represent any interest whatsoever in the gold itself. He explained the gold certificate listings on the Fed balance sheet, not as a claim to gold, but at most a claim to dollars from the Treasury."

You can read the original article here.

I'll post some videos on the federal reserve here for anyone, if there is any, who doesn't know how they operate. Two of the videos are from the either one of the Zeitgeist movies. I know not everyone is a fan of them but they are informative.

Friday, 3 June 2011


About a week ago I came across a link to Horrific videos of what is happening in Syria today.  To say that I was disturbed by what I saw is certainly an understatement.  I went into my place of work the following day and started to inform my colleagues of what I saw and to tell you the truth I got no reaction from them at all. Totally not interested in any shape or form. I would have got more feedback from a Zombie Horde I kid you not. If I had informed them that Beer or the TV Magazines were going up in price I would have got some reaction that's for sure.  I'm not writing this post to gain support for or against what is happening in that country.  I just feel that I have to say something about what I saw.  Part of what I saw and this is probably not anywhere near the worst, was a family obviously out for the day all walking together. They were using a camcorder to film their family. As far as I could make out it was the Mum and Dad with their son and daughter. Son looked about 14 and the little girl about 5 years old. It was all fun untill the Syrian authorities opened up with their guns from some distant roof tops with exploding bullits and everything turned to chaos. The son was hit in the chest and the father was shot as well. The video showed the son in the middle of the road unable to crawl to his family and the father was too badly hurt to reach his son. The mother was trying to protect the daughter. You see the son slowly dying and his dad could only watch on. This was filmed from the camcorder which was just lying in the road which was obviously dropped. This was not a demonstration of any kind. just people out walking. The other stuff that I viewed is pretty horrific, from torture victims to mass killings in the streets.  I will not be posting any of the stuff that I saw but suffice to say that I'm very glad myself and my family stay in the UK, a million miles away from that tortured land.  I was in Syria some years ago and found it quite wellcoming. Iv'e spent nights in the desert and even spent a night in a Roman Amphitheatre out in the middle of nowhere, all very magical. Syrians are just the same as you and me. They have hopes and dreams as well and don't deserve to be slaughtered into oblivion. As far as I can make out this whole scenario is down to the people of Syria only wanting a bit of what we take for granted and that is called Freedom and a bit of Democracy in their land but their Leader President Bashar al-Assad wants to keep the people down in the gutter and to claim all for himself.  It's unbelievable that this Medievil Crap still goes on in these so called modern times.  I hope these writings don't offend or bore anyone. Like I said, I only wanted to tell you of something that I saw the other night. The video is only pics of Syria and some folk music.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I always like a good movie or two and for me it's going to be a "Sci-fi" or a good "End of the World" movie, or one of the Apocalyptic genre. I like the odd "Zombie" film as well. The video selection I'm posting are American and British movies plus one German. Iv'e seen them and thought that they were definitely worth a watch. Make your own mind up.
                           "Blade Runner"  ( fantastic sci-fi )

        "The Last Train".   ( British Apocalyptic 1999 )                                              
It's years since a Comet has collided with Earth and the passengers haven't a clue whats happened.

                         "Threads"  ( British Apocalyptic )  80s film
                                 The Third World War hits Britain.  
                         "Rammbock"  ( German Zombie  2010 )
                          Guy goes to find his girlfriend  and gets more than he expected.  

Monday, 30 May 2011


Here is a post to all our Past and Lost and Present and future Loves.  Away from all the Dance and the Rock and the Hip Hop and the Jazz and the Rap and the classics but to name a few lol.  A few moments to linger with our thoughts on our Loves. Loves that were loved and are now but shadows. Loves that were taken and shall never be forgotton. Loves that are beside us and share in our hopes and aspirations. Loves that have yet to come and are but in our dreams.  And to finish with Ive stuck in at the end my favourite bit from Blade Runner. I put this in so as to lighten your mood just incase all the above got too much for you lol.


Saturday, 28 May 2011


Everyone must at some time in their life think "what happens to me when I die".  Myself I'm thinking that surely its impossible to come from a very dark non existence into existence to have an awareness filled life with its ups and downs and when this life comes to an end we all go back to this black non existence. To me this seems so illogical but I bet a lot of people think its logical.  To come from nowhere to go nowhere is I suppose what an Atheist believes and they are within their rights to think this. Myself I'm thinking that this has to be utterly impossible, first of all to not be, then to be, then to not be again.  I think well what's the point of the "to be" part, this being our awareness time! Very strange this " to be" part as this is our lives.This is when we think thoughts, and when we fall in and out of love. This is when we have children and when we believe in Santa Claus. Is all this to no avail. Is it all a pointless exercise.  I don't think so.  What do you think.



Thursday, 26 May 2011


I don't know about you guys but there have been occasions in my life when I've been really down. One time in particular I was so low that I was incapable of seeing any way out of the situation that I was in. I was at my place of work ( which I was ready to jack in ) totally not interested in what I was doing, just biding my time until it was time to go home when a song started playing on the radio which I found quite uplifting. The song was " I'll Find My Way Home " by Jon Anderson & Vangelis. As I listened to the words of the song I felt lighter of spirit and a general feeling of well being. I looked the song up on the net and downloaded it and then played it continuously and never got fed up with it lol. The strange thing is that I've never been a person that listened to the radio never mind the words of a song so for me to hear that particular piece of music on that strange day, well interesting to say the least. This was all a long time ago and today all's been well in my life since that time.  All down to positive thinking and action. Remember "As You Think So You Are".    So here's hoping you like Vangelis.



Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Just a little selection of  "Numa  Numa". I thought this song was really catchy when it first came out and so did a few others going by the videos below.


Monday, 23 May 2011


Some years ago I was walking through a car park when I heard some music being played quite nearby. The music was coming from an estate car with its tail gate raised. There was a man playing a musical instrument of which I had not seen before. I asked what it was called and he said that it was called a Hammered Dulcimer and that this type of musical device has been played for at least 2,000 years. The sound that came from this instrument was really unusual but enchanting.  Myself I like Dance music--Rock--Trance--House and Classical music but after hearing this Dulcimer being played I must admit that I became an admirer of it's lovely sound. There is another type and it is called the Appalachian Dulcimer and its native to the Appalachian region of the United States.  I suppose this type of instrument isn't every ones cup of tea but I thought that it was worth a post just to let people hear a couple of examples of the Dulcimer.
Just remember that this instrument is way beyond medieval times and I suppose has an acquired taste. I know that the Guitar is ancient as well but this has changed in shape and sound over the centuries but as far as I know the Dulcimer has remained unchanged from its beginnings.


Saturday, 21 May 2011


When I was quite young I was given the 'Lord of the Rings' to read and what an effect it had on me. This book mesmerised me and laid the foundation for what I would read as an adult. When the book was made into films I was dubious that they could capture the essense of the book but I must admit that the film makers done an outstanding piece of work. I thought that the music throughout was excellent so please enjoy the videos that I managed to find.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I absolutely love all species of Penguin but my favourite is the Emperor Penguin.  There is something about these flightless birds that just enamours them to me. They live almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere especially in Antarctica. What really surprised me was when the female laid the egg it became the males responsibility to protect it until it hatched approximately 8 weeks later. During this time the female is away hunting for food and does not return until the egg is just about to hatch. The male has not been able to feed during this time because it cannot let the egg out from underneath its folds or the chick soon to be born will die. This is amazing caring parenthood in action because the male during this protecting period is more or less static. All it can do is huddle together with its fellow males and protect itself from the extreme conditions of Antarctica. Can't imagine us human beings acting like this lol.


Sunday, 15 May 2011


When I was very young I heard some musicians playing Australian music on the television and I was amazed to here the sounds that came out of this very long pole instument. Probably it was Rolf Harris doing his thing but I can't remember. All I know is that this music is thousands of years old and has stood the test of time as it is still popular today and is a huge tourist attraction in Australia. The history of the Aboriginal people is at least 40,000 years old and they do not get the recognition that they deserve from the newcomers who call themselves Australians, but this is another story.  This music is not everyone's cup of tea but well worth a listen.




I don't think that Dogs and Pigs are stupid but if it was left to our four legged friends depicted below then the World would be Dog-less and Pig-less lol.  The hilarious wee Piggy in the bottom vid keeps checking to see if its at the correct end. And as for the big dog, well what its doing is any ones guess. But the vid at the bottom shows again just how far our cousins from the forests have ventured up the evolutionary scale.

                                            This is my favorite video

Friday, 13 May 2011


Today I would like to give a thought to little Madeleine McCann the British girl who was abducted from her parents while on a family holiday in Portugal in May 2007 .She was only 4 years old and will now be 8 years old this year. A nightmare world must have consumed her parents when they realised their worst fears. You would need to walk in their shoes to try and comprehend the despair and anguish suffered by them and their family.  So here's to you Mr & Mrs McCann, I wish you all the luck in the world in your continuing quest in search of your precious Daughter Madeleine.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


As my Blog says  " As A Man Thinketh, So He Becomes ". I don't think a truer saying exists. It encompasses the very basis of our lives from Birth to Death. When going through your life the way that you are thinking determines what you will be.  Lots of Negative thinking and you will end up being a miserable git and apart from being unhappy no one will want to know you. On the other hand living your life with positive thinking its possible to achieve an abundant life perhaps not full of material gains but at the very least a happy contented life. I know that it can be exceptionally difficult to lead a positive life especially in the midst of emotional upheaval and the other trials that can befall us in our lifetime but if to the best of your ability you try to keep on going forward with the Positive Thinking process then slowly and surely you can get back on the road with the positive vibes again. I personally have fallen many times but Ive always managed to rise again and be stronger for it. A man said to me once that life is like having your own Stage Show, you can enact what you want to be.where you want to go and most importantly how you conduct yourself. Its our choice to be what we want to be. The Worlds our oyster and we can be either sad or happy, our choice. Hope I haven't rambled on too much but sometimes its hard to put down on paper your thoughts on such a big subject in a minimised fashion.
Hope the Vids bellow don't bore you too much lol. 



Sunday, 8 May 2011


Can Human Beings really communicate with our jungle and forest cousins. Some years ago I watched a documentary about a relationship between a male Ape and a Zoologist which lasted for approximately 18 months. During this time the pair bonded and using sign language they had the ability to communicate with each other at a basic level. Eventually the Zoologist had to move on but he never forgot his Ape friend. After a number of years he felt the need to find out what has happened to the Ape he befriended. After an extensive search he found out that the Ape was being held at a research lab in the USA. He got permission to visit the lab and when he came across the Ape it was in a cage that was far too small for it. As he approached the Ape he signed that he was glad to see him and the Ape replied using sign said "Where were you". The zoologist found this reunion very emotional and had mixed feelings about if he did the right thing in going to see the Ape. I can't remember the outcome of this story ( I don't think they met again ) but I thought that It was really sad to see where the Ape had ended up.

The videos below show a Gorilla using sign language to communicate with its keepers. See what you think.


Friday, 6 May 2011


I love Sci-fi and I mean absolutely any kind of Sci-fi.   Brilliant stuff --- Average stuff---- and completely Rotten stuff.  I love Movies and Documentaries and TV Dramas and Video clips from YouTube. Ive watched fantastic Movies which would enthrall anyone and Ive watched a movie in which at the start shows a Space Shuttle (Challenger type) entering our Solar System from deep space being powered by an obvious Firework stuck onto its rear end. Did this put me off watching it -- No-- I watched it to the very end and I must admit it must be the very worst movie ever made lol, and because it was Sci-f- then that was ok by me. 
                        I like different types of movies. What kind do you like?

                                 The movie Avatar was totally mindblowing.

The movie below was not mind blowing it was mind bending lol. A really bad film.

                                         War of the Worlds (below)                                                  


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Ive been to many places in the World but the one place that has the fondest memories for me is Scotland. The place has a haunting beauty and innocence that has left a feeling of spiritual well being in me.  Its the one place that like a magnet draws me back to it. To me it is truly a lovely place. 
                      Everyone will have a place like this--- Where is yours?

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Last year I watched a Documentary about Dolphins getting killed in Japan. It was called "The Cove". I found it a really disturbing experience viewing this. I also found that Japan are not the only country that thinks it is OK to treat a highly intelligent being with such cruelty. The other main perpetrators are the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, and a few others. The aforementioned countries appear to be the cruelest though.
These Mammals have a very high Mercury content in their bodies and its not advisable to eat them but still the slaughter continues unabated. The videos below are definitely a bit upsetting to watch.
The documentary "The Cove" is worth a watch and it is not as graphic as the vids below. It shows to what lengths the local and national authorities will go to so as to keep the secret of this barbarity.


Saturday, 30 April 2011


Was it all just a big staged event so as to beat the Russians to the Moon. To begin with the Russians would have went all out and researched into this and any descrepancies at all would have been highlighted so as to discredit the Americans. Then again did the Russians have the technology at that time to conclusively prove this was faked. This debate has gone on for over 40 years now and probably go on for another 40.
Something the conspiracy theorists tend to forget though is the fact that in 1969 the Astronauts installed a Mirror which was used to measure the exact distance between the Earth and the Moon. The only way for that Mirror to be on the Moon in that exact spot was to be placed there by Amstrong and Aldrin. The only other way for the Mirror to be there was for NASA to send a completely new secret mission costing Billions to the same landing area of the 1969 mission and then place the Mirror. Do'nt think so lol.
Of course this is just how I view it.  Whats your opinion on it.

I think that the bottom clip is something to behold.



Thursday, 28 April 2011

Man Can Fly! Or are they just crazy.

Ive always wanted to do a bit of  Paragliding or Skydiving but this lot in the vids bellow are truly something else. Any of you fancy doing a bit of this?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Stephen Fry and zoologist Mark Carwardine venture into the forest in search of the rarest of Parrots. This Parrot resides in a remote valley in New Zealand. As far as they know only 2 or 3 of this species exist so they have to be very carefull in how they handle the Parrots. After extensive searching they come across one of the Parrots who is very friendly towards them and is very interested in Mark in particular. As the Parrot becomes very amorous with Mark he is scared to manhandle the Parrot from his head as the bird is the rarest of the rare. What ensues is really funny. The Parrots face is a joy to behold as it looks to be really enjoying itself at the expense of Mark.  Stephen Fry looks to be having a good laugh as well. The Parrot, well it had a great time.  Enjoy the Video lol.



Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I remember first hearing of the Apophis Asteroid in 2004. It was first reported that this Astroid would be passing by the Earth in 2029 but that there was nothing to be concerned about. But now in 2011 there appears to be something to be concerned about. Governments around the World have been holding meetings to discuss a solution to this fast approaching problem. It has been calculated that on 2029 this Astroid will miss Earth (just) but on its return journey in 2036 it will hit the Earth. Nasa will have the final trajectory calculations completeted by 2013.
 Sorry for such a depressing post guys.
What do you think we can do about this impending catastrophe.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


                  UFO in Jerusalem

Fake or True?  Difficult to get the to the truth now-a-days with all the tech stuff that's going around. Personally I would love this to be true but my instinct says to me that its a big fake. I know that its 1am and that at least 6 different cameras recorded this from many angles. There are still many Tourists wondering around a place like that at 1am and I haven't read any reports from any source about interviews from them. Surely some people of good repute must have seen this and reported it to the authorities.
                                         Does anyone think this is real?


Saturday, 23 April 2011


                              COULD  IT  JUST  BE  POSSIBLE.

Do we really stop existing when our body finally succumbs to what we call death. Personally I believe that it's
impossible to come from nowhere to end up going nowhere. It just seems most improbable to me that my whole being ceases to be aware. I don't think for one minute that we go to a place called Heaven but then again who knows anything for sure. My thoughts are that we ( after dying ) are aware that our situation has changed considerably and that time does not exist and from this point on its any one's guess. I would like to think that all our memories are intact and that eventual contact with loved ones can be reestablished on some level of existence. I would hate to think that this life is all that there is and that when the final curtain falls we cease to be anything. To me being a logical thinking person I think its impossible to become as nothing. Whats your thoughts.


Heaven on Earth.

A little girl looks on in wonder.

     Could this be a Rabbits Heaven?